Catheter Manufacturing

Throughout Gohar Shafa’s operating history, the company has developed custom tests for different aspect of catheter manufacturing like mechanical properties testing (Friction test, tensile strength, flexibility and etc.) chemistry testing, manufacturing process technologies, clinical knowledge, and product expertise to become one of the most reliable manufacturer of catheters and specialized medical tubing for a multitude of clinical applications.

These feature-rich designs encompass different materials along their length including polyvinyl chloride, Thermoplastic polyurethane, Nylon, imaging targets, ports and orifices, all from one-piece construction, without bonded joints. These capabilities result in the thinnest walls, highest flows and safest medical tubes for body fluids, blood, air, liquids, gases, medication and access sheaths.

Gohar Shafa’s manufacturing capabilities can offer full-assemblies including kits to packaging and labeling to sub-assemblies. Gohar Shafa also offers complete manufacturing options to achieve cost reductions, gear up for higher manufacturing volumes or increase current manufacturing capacity.