Gohar Shafa currently operates in one ISO 13485 certified facility in Khorramabad Iran. The production site in Khorram Abad is home of Gohar Shafa’s corporate headquarter, R&D, product development and engineering, material science, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing of complex products.

Our state-of-the-art production facility in Khorramabad offers a unique combination of high-quality clean rooms and production equipment, with a skilled workforce capable of producing reliable products in high volumes at low cost. The facility includes two production clean rooms (class 10,000 and class 100,000), a machine shop/tool room, training facilities, and offices for our management team which includes material planning, R&D, supply chain management, manufacturing engineering, quality engineering and quality control.

We applied latest technology and professional engineers to produce and improve medical devices.

Tehran office is responsible for all sales and marketing activities.