A friendly work environment with a constructive approach


Gohar Shafa company attaches great importance to the morale of its employees. Therefore, gatherings and celebrating social occasions, as well as paying attention to the needs of employees, have provided a friendly, safe, and happy environment.

Determining monthly goals and creating motivation to achieve goals by valuing the employees’ performance is one of the measures to encourage employees to grow and improve in Gohar Shafa. At the same time, the company has been able to advance its goals as quickly as possible in the light of cooperative ethics. Since Gohar Shafa company carries out all steps of importing raw materials, research and development, quality control, product production, packaging, warehousing, and sales in its collection, so to fill these diverse careers, different specializations are employed.

Gohar Shafa is proud of the presence of successful women in specialized and scientific departments of the company, and the statistic of women in the company shows this.

  • Happy, friendly and safe environment

  • Constructive performance

  • Setting targets and creating motivation to achieve them

  • Aligned performance

  • Alignment of the employees’ goals and actions towards the organization’s targets

  • Equal opportunities for women