Thoracic catheter (Chest Tube) – Rigid

Discharger the pleural area

Gohar Shafa Chest tubes has been designed and produced in cone shape in distal end so there is no need to use a connector to connect the tubes to chest bottle or any other means.


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  • With high tech production line, this product has 2 different sizes in each end Which eliminate the need of using extra connector to connect to chest drainage unit (CDU).
  • Made of medical grade PVC with radiopaque line for X-ray verification of position.
  • Designed and produced in conical shape for ease of discharging of secretions.
  • All the edges are smooth to prevent any damages to the tissues.
  • This product is graduated along the first 26 Cm after the last hole, and has 6 oval shape punched holes and has 6 oval shape punched holes.
  • Available in flexible and rigid types suitable for heart and lung operations.
  • Available in infant and adult sizes.

ordering information

Order Code Description Size (Fr.) Length(Cm) Box Master Box Latex
CHT12R Rigid Chest Tube 12 52 100 400 NO
CHT14R Rigid Chest Tube 14 52 100 400 NO
CHT16R Rigid Chest Tube 16 52 100 400 NO
CHT18R Rigid Chest Tube 18 52 100 400 NO
CHT20R Rigid Chest Tube 20 50 100 400 NO
CHT22R Rigid Chest Tube 20 52 100 400 NO
CHT24R Rigid Chest Tube 24 52 100 400 NO
CHT28R Rigid Chest Tube 28 52 100 400 NO
CHT32R Rigid Chest Tube 32 52 100 400 NO
CHT36R Rigid Chest Tube 36 52 100 400 NO
CHT40R Rigid Chest Tube 40 52 100 400 NO